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    A major feature of Link Checker Pro is the intuitive interface which makes the analysis of large websites a simple process. The following screenshot shows the main interface of Link Checker Pro.

    Screenshot of Link Checker Pro's main screen

    For most users the checking process can be started by simply typing in the base URL to check and pressing the green play button at the top right corner of the screen. Links found during the process will be listed in the data grid with options being available to colour the links according to their status, type, and whether they are internal or external links.

    The following screenshot shows HTML documents highlighted in green and images highlighted in pink. The colours in question can be easily changed in Programme settings.

    Screenshot of Link Checker Pro's main screen

    Links shown in the Data grid can also be hidden depending on their status and/or type. The following screenshot shows links coloured as in the previous example but with all image links hidden.

    Screenshot of Link Checker Pro's main screen

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Last updated  September 25 2018